Melanoma Named Australia's 'National Cancer'


Fraser Clarke

Melanoma has been named Australia’s ‘national cancer’, as the scale of the condition is highlighted nationwide.

Worryingly statistics published by Australia's National Cancer Council have shown that two out of three Aussies will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime, with awareness campaigns now having to be stepped up a gear.

One novel way in which the country is trying to increase awareness is through the creation of an online test, which tells participants how high their risk of developing the condition is.

More than 160,000 people responded to the survey within just a fortnight, with 17% ranked in the ‘very much above average risk’ category.

Whilst Australia’s sun-loving culture has played a part in explaining the world-leading statistics, a range of environmental factors have also been highlighted. Clear skies, year-round sun and low levels of air pollution all contribute, whilst the country’s predominantly Western European ethnic makeup also plays a major role.

Death rates from skin cancers are higher in Australasia than anywhere else on the planet, with experts pointing to a growing, ageing population as one of the key reasons for this.

A new report has illustrated a rise amongst young people, with between two and three diagnosed every day - a trend that would see the country facing massive issues in years to come.

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