Free Healthcare for Expats in the UAE


Fraser Clarke

A new agreement between the UAE’s Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical giants Novartis will give thousands of expats free healthcare.

Open to those with low levels of health insurance, or no coverage at all, the move will see patients given up to a years worth of free medication - something especially helpful for those suffering from long term conditions.

Introduced to mark the year of Zayed, patients will be referred to the programme by their family physician, with hopes high that more than 3,000 people will benefit from the scheme.

Speaking at the announcement assistant undersecretary for public health policy, Dr Amin Al Amiri, said: “This initiative is effective immediately and ends when all of the 3,210 residents who are in need of medication they could not otherwise afford are receiving treatment.

“This will be particularly beneficial for cancer patients and those suffering from chronic conditions such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, retinal and blood disorders and psoriasis and those with limited health insurance.

“By launching this program, we hope to reduce their burden and increase their happiness by improving their health.

“This initiative is very important to patients who cannot afford their treatment, which in turn leads to further complications and a life of misery, whilst increasing the demand on the healthcare sector.”

The news comes at a busy time for healthcare in the UAE, and we’ll have the latest on plans aimed at growing the industry further on our blog section next week.

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