5 Things to Know About Canada


Fraser Clarke

Canada has always been attractive destination for people seeking a fresh start overseas. The country is naturally beautiful, notoriously friendly and home to plenty of opportunities for well trained medical professionals.

Here are five quick things to know about living in Canada:

1 - Equality

Canada is often described as the world’s fairest country, and it’s not hard to see why. 

There is very little gender inequality, with even the country’s parliament equally representing both males and females. The same goes for expats who, regardless of nationality, race, religion or culture, will find it easy to settle into Canadian life.

The Canadians are an extremely tolerant and friendly people, making a move appealing to medics who are starting to feel underappreciated elsewhere.

2 - Wild Weather

Few locations on earth can provide the range of weather that Canada deals with on a yearly basis. Bitterly cold Winters can see the temperature drop below -40°C in places, before summer months where the average is often above 24°C!

Although there are still four seasons, Autumn and Spring tend to be shorter than in Western Europe, with Winter turning to Summer over a period of just a few weeks.

The country comfortably deals with the wild weather however, with transport links continuing to flow as normal even when the snow has been falling for weeks...Take note Britain!

3 - Gaining Accreditation

Gaining accreditation to work abroad can be a frustrating and lengthy process. Thankfully in Canada it’s relatively straightforward and quick.

You start by visiting https://physiciansapply.ca to apply for your ECFMG - an accreditation standard that can also be used in Australia and New Zealand.

Then you upload your qualifications for primary source verification, before applying to the Royal College of Surgeons/Physicians in the area you are working in. That allows you to apply for a job easily on our website.

After securing an offer you can apply for your license to practice, and when that’s approved it’s just a matter of sorting a visa and work permit before you board the flight.

Few countries make it simpler.

4 - Travelling 

Canada is an enormous country, something you can only truly appreciate after spending a few weeks living there. 

As a result Canadian’s have a totally different perspective of distance to most people. A short drive in the UK might be 15 minutes, in Canada it’ll be a few hours!

The sheer scale of the country can take some adaption, with lengthy journeys either by car or plane necessary if you’re looking to explore as much of it as you can. You should also be prepared for to travel in your role - with some requiring work to be undertaken at more rural facilities.

This will be outlined by employers at an early stage in the recruitment process.

5 - Prices Can Be Deceptive

Something that comes as a shock to plenty of people moving or visiting Canada is the price of everyday items...Although this story isn’t as it seems.

Prices in Canada differ little from those in the United States or rest of the West. The difference lies in how the prices are displayed on the shelves, which is without any taxes or duties added.

This can lead to some shocks at the till, where bills may end up being far higher than you imagined. It’ll also act as a good test of your mathematical skills in supermarket aisles!

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