5 Reasons to leave the NHS for Australia


Fraser Clarke

Australia has long been considered one of the most attractive destinations for expats seeking a move from the United Kingdom, and in 2018 it’s no different.

We’ve taken a quick look at five reasons to move to the country from Britain’s beleaguered National Health Service.

1 - Healthier Work/Life Balance

Ask almost anyone why they took the decision to move to Australia, and it’s highly likely they’ll mention the work/life balance.

Unlike in many Western European countries, Australians work to live, they don’t live to work. As a result working hours are far lower than they are in the NHS, and the expectancy that you’ll stay on or work overtime doesn’t normally exist.

Expect other members of staff to insist that you get away on time, whilst you’ll be left alone to enjoy days and evenings off.

This healthy work/life balance is the case countrywide, with the relaxed way of life a great way to escape from the constant pressures of the NHS, allowing you to enjoy working again.

2 - Great Training Positions

Australia is becoming increasingly attractive to young medics, seeking quality training positions within an environment where they aren’t overworked and underappreciated.

As well as those benefits pay is also more rewarding; a senior registrar can expect to earn up to 30% more, whilst working fewer hours, and learning in an open, engaging environment than they could in the UK.

Year on year the number of British medics heading ‘down under’ to complete their training is rising, making roles more highly sought after than ever.

3 - Modern Facilities

It goes without saying that Australia is home to plenty of modern, high quality facilities.

Unlike a move to the Gulf where standards in some of the smaller clinics can be questionable, standards are high throughout the country - even in the most rural of locations - making a move risk free.

This also means that the skills you have learnt in the UK will be easily transferable to the Australian sector, making a move routine and shock free.

4 - Better Salaries

Of course no other factor can play as big a role as finances for anyone considering a move overseas. Put simply if a move wasn’t financially rewarding the vast majority of people wouldn’t even entertain the idea - despite the lifestyle benefits.

Salaries have remained consistently above European levels, whilst other perks can be added for working in rural areas, or heading overseas to speak at or attend conferences.

If a role has proved troublesome to fill due to its location then salaries can be almost 50% more than they would be in the UK and, although not as rewarding as one of the tax-free Gulf countries, this can make a move financially wise.

5 - The Lifestyle

For many people, the simple factor of the weather can be a major appeal of Australia.

The country benefits from almost constant sunshine, and average temperatures of more than 20°C year-round. The change from the dark, cold winters and inclement summers experienced in Western Europe can have a major impact on the everyday lives of expats.

It’s not just the weather that is attractive, the active, outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by Australians makes it perfect for sports fans, or people who just enjoy spending time outdoors, by the beach or walking.

The lifestyle related benefits of a move shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone considering a move - and for anyone who isn’t sure, a short-term locum can be a great introduction to life in the country.

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