Obesity Targeted in the UAE


Fraser Clarke

Efforts to fight obesity in the United Arab Emirates have been recognised at a conference studying the issue across the Gulf.

As the Emirates has developed so too has the nation’s waistline - with obesity rates having tripled over the last 40 years. Faced with the heavy cost of dealing with an obese nation plans are now in place for the Emirates to fight back.

A paper released at the ‘Gulf Obesity Summit and Regional Congress’ stated the Emirates’ plans to combat the issue. It read: “The UAE, on its part, deserves praise for its efforts to find proactive solutions to fight obesity, through promoting health, nutrition and sport.

“As per expert advice, the UAE aims to introduce strict food regulations and standards, as part of the government’s policy to promote healthy lifestyles with a set of goals, including making healthy foods, nutrition and physical exercise a common and daily practice, whilst childhood obesity will be targeted through greater community involvement.”

Now medical leaders in the country are optimistic that, by 2025, it will be able to meet the United Nations’ target of ending growing obesity rates. If these aims are to be successful it will be largely down to the proactive techniques used by the nation - as recognised by conference attendees.

Head of Chronic Disease at the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Dr Lamees Buhaliqa, said: “The department's Weqaya Programme, which has been implemented by 30 facilities, aims to encourage people to eat a healthy and balanced diet, to promote good health and wellbeing while noting that most chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and bone fragility can be avoided through eating a healthy diet.”

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