Inside Recruitment: Be Ready


Fraser Clarke

In our latest Odyssey Exclusives series we’re doing something a little different.

Instead of the usual country guides and healthcare insights, we’re going to focus on the recruitment side of recruitment itself!

Our team are some of the most experienced in the business, and so we’ve decided to put together a series of articles focusing on our inside knowledge.

In the penultimate in our exclusive series, ‘Inside Recruitment’, we’re taking a look at why keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date can be vital in ensuring a smooth transition into your new homeland.

A move can often feel overwhelming, however laying the groundwork in place prior to boarding the plane - or even applying - can help make things easier.

Here’s our quick guide to being ready for a move.

1 - Research

We cannot possibly stress how important it is to do your research prior to applying for a move overseas.

Whether you are attracted by the Aussie lifestyle, Saudi salaries or Far-Eastern technology, it’s vital that you consider every aspect of a move - and understand how your life will change.

Don’t assume that Australia and New Zealand are just like the UK. They have a similar culture, however there are plenty of differences, and their location can get to some people. Likewise don’t apply for a role in rural Canada and then be surprised by just how rural the location is!

Research is especially important when moving to the Gulf however, where the way of life is very different - even in the expat hubs of Dubai, Doha and Manama. 

Look at how your everyday life will change, from the impact made by religion to simply living in a far warmer climate.

2 - Keep Up-to-Date

If you’re looking to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a job, and want to settle in as quickly as possible, make sure that all your qualifications and skills are as up-to-date as they could be.

Not only will this show a genuine connection with, and interest in, your specialty, it will also allow you to work comfortably as part of your new team - where additional skills, or modern technology may be used.

3 - A Connection

As well as ensuring that your skills are up-to-date attending additional seminars and courses can also help you to prepare for a move.

These can be a great opportunity to network with others from the industry, many of whom may have first-hand experience working in the location you are targeting. Not only can they give you fantastic advice on how to settle in, and what to prepare for, they can also put you in touch with useful contacts from the area.

4 - Medicals

Before applying for a Visa anywhere it’s likely that you (and anyone you’re travelling with) will have to undergo a medical.

This is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive procedure, with your new hospital often reimbursing the fees charged after you’ve completed your initial few months of employment.

We can help by putting you in touch with experts who will be able to make the process as simple, and as stress-free as possible. Certain locations only license a small number of facilities to carry out medicals, and our contacts can help speed the process up for you.

5 - The Paperwork

We actually produced a little infographic late last year that looked at the things most often overlooked by expats.

In that we identified finances, cards, airport pickups, accommodation and mobile communication as the five most common factors forgotten about during the excitement of a move.

Finances are comfortably the most important of these. Make sure that your tax status is correct - so that you don’t come back to heavy bills, or aren’t paying when you shouldn’t be.

Likewise ensure that your bank account is set up to work abroad, and that any cards you have will be accepted. A first shop being ended by a faltering card will create stress you really could do without!

It’s also important to make sure you know how you are leaving the airport - and where you’ll be staying during your first days in the country. Make sure to have all this information sorted and detailed in advance.

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