Inside Recruitment: Be Prepared


Fraser Clarke

In our latest Odyssey Exclusives series we’re doing something a little bit different.

Instead of the usual country guides and healthcare insights, we’re going to focus on the recruitment side of recruitment itself!

Our team are some of the most experienced in the business, and so we’ve decided to put together a series of articles focusing on our inside knowledge.

In the next in our all new and exclusive series, ‘Inside Recruitment’, we’re going to look at what to have prepared at each stage of a move - to allow everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Making a move overseas can be a stressful experience, however things can be far easier when you are organised in advance. 

Here, therefore, is our quick guide to five things to have prepared in advance of a move.

1 - CV

I know, I know, we keep going on about the importance of your CV! Seriously however it acts as the key to securing the job of your dreams.

Always make sure that you have an up-to-date, well formatted and well written CV prior to registering on our website. It seems obvious, however you’d probably be amazed at the number of people who submit an outdated résumé - or one that requires extensive work to reach industry standards.

Follow our tips on effective CV writing (and the mistakes to avoid) and you can’t go wrong.

2 - Passport

For anyone even considering a move overseas it’s essential that you have a valid passport, with an absolute minimum of six months validity left on it.

The recruitment process can often be a lengthy one, and occasionally gets held up by passport issues - where a candidate’s validity has expired whilst they wait on a move.

Make sure that won’t be an issue for you, and remember to ensure that the passports of all those who are moving with you are also in date - even any children.

3 - Copies of Qualifications

Arguably some of the most important documentation you own, copies of your qualifications will be required at an early stage to verify your credentials.

If you keep these somewhere safe then great, if they’re stored in a box somewhere in the attic then look them out in advance! It will save any hold-ups or stress during the early stages of a move.

Ideally we ask for copies of your qualifications to be scanned in and emailed to us, however we appreciate that finding access to a scanner can be difficult for some people. As a result we’re happy to accept images taken on a scanner app on a smartphone - ideally sent as a PDF file.

4 - Other Documentation

As well as copies of your qualifications we’ll also need some other documents - mainly a copy of your specialist registration and a ‘Certificate of Good Standing’.

Both of these documents should be easy to source, however be prepared to wait a few days for them to be issued. As a result we’d advise that you get started organising them prior to applying for a role overseas - as it will save time, and make you more appealing to potential employers.

5 - Passport Style Photo

All candidates registering with us are required to submit a passport style photo (neutral expression, plain background) during the recruitment process. This helps to verify your identity, whilst potential employers can also use it for ID purposes when visiting hospitals, or starting a new role.

These are best sent as a JPG or PNG file, and should be small in size - albeit not so as they lose quality.

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