Health Pods Trialed in The UAE


Fraser Clarke

The United Arab Emirates is set to trial full body scanners, in an attempt to detect health problems at an early stage.

If successful then the Government in the country hope that the ‘health pods’ will become a part of everyday life in the Emirates, with plans in place to station them in areas like malls and gyms as well as medical centres.

More than 670 companies applied for the contract to provide the technology, with ‘Bodyo’s’ AirPod chosen as the prototype system.

According to the company, their pods will help reduce the strain on GPs by allowing basic check-ups in just seven minutes - with information then sent to health professionals and stored on records where and when appropriate.

Chief Executive of ‘Bodyo’ Tariq Hussain, told ‘The National’ why he believes the pods could be a real game-changer for the nation’s health.

He said: “We want to change the mindset of doctors and patients, in which this technology is non-invasive and is a self-service interaction, without feeling like a medical process - to encourage people to want to return to improve their own health.

“There is an initial set-up process that can be time-consuming as it’s new. After that, once people are familiar with the pods, they will become very recognisable and user-friendly.”

Although the scans would take just seven minutes, it has been warned that they could lead to a shortage of nurses in the country. For each patient a team of six are required - one to operate the machine, and five to extrapolate and compile the data collected.

Despite this however they are still predicted to be of financial benefit to the nation - working especially to lower the burden inflicted by long-term conditions, with Diabetes and Heart Disease two of the biggest health issues in the nation.

Hussain concluded: “We envisage CEOs asking employees to encourage staff to have a Bodyo check once a month, so they can then go to insurers to prove how healthy they are and therefore manage their insurance costs accordingly.

“Dubai is a city of firsts, if they can incentivise people financially to look after their own health, that could be a massive statement in the way healthcare is managed in the future.”

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