Singapore Tops Asian Expat Report


Fraser Clarke

Singapore has once again been named as the most popular location for Asian expats seeking a better life overseas.

The world’s only island-city state scored highly thanks to its extremely low crime rates, high quality educational facilities and lower than average pollution levels - with much of the credit for this given to the city’s high quality, clean and modern public transportation systems.

The news came as little surprise to Lee Quane, regional director of  ECA International who carried out the survey. He commented: “Singapore has traditionally sat at the top of the ECA rankings and this year is no different.”

ECA studied more than 460 cities, and assessed how suitable they would be for Asian expats when compiling their rankings, with both Australia and New Zealand scoring impressively.

Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney made up the three places behind Singapore, whilst Perth, Wellington and Canberra were all in the top ten.

Copenhagen in Denmark and Bern in Switzerland were the highest ranked European cities, with London finding itself down in 67th - with rising crime rates and high pollution levels given as the major reason for this.

Given how highly it usually ranks in expat reports, it will come as little surprise to many that Singapore is an extremely tricky location to secure a move to.

Competition is fierce and job openings are infrequent, and so patience can be the key.

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