Sharjah Introduces New Technology


Fraser Clarke

Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah has become the first in the Middle East to take on the latest generation of robot assisted Percutaneous Coronary Interventional technology.

The new system, for use in interventional cardiology operations, has been introduced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and will allow easy, flexible access to the arteries.

Known as CorPath GRX, it allows medics to use a set of joysticks and a touchscreen to manoeuvre the robotic device. This allows for more precise positioning, and reduces the radiation that both the patient and physician can be exposed to.

Dr Arif Al Nooryani, Consultant Cardiologist at Al Qasimi highlighted the positives of the new technology. He said: “The system enables robotic-guided catheter manipulation in addition to guide-wire control as well as balloon/stent delivery.

“The CorPath GRX system has been used successfully in 10 patients who suffered from complex cases, the patients were of different nationalities and aged between 35 and 60.”

The cost of the operation ranges between Dh25,000 and Dh50,000 (£4600 - £9800), and boasts a 95% reduction in radiation, 99.1% clinical success rate, and an 8.3% reduction in the unnecessary use of additional stents.

Dr Al Nooryani added: “While the human hand has a precision ranging from 5mm to 10mm, the robot-assisted surgery can perform surgical procedures with a precision of 1mm.”

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