Mental Health Issues in Canada Rise


Fraser Clarke

The scale of Canada’s battle with mental health conditions has been revealed, with only one in five young Canadians receiving the support they need.

Recent statistics have suggested that 3 million young people are at risk of developing chronic depression in Canada, whilst it is estimated that 20% of all Canadians will battle a mental health condition during their lives.

Identified by the World Health Organisation as one of the major challenges of our time, experts believe that creating healthy environments could be the key to treating the issues preventatively.

Currently mental health support makes up 7% of Canada’s health funding - with 12% of young females and 5% of young males (believed to be a misleading figure due to the masculine stigma) having experienced serious depression before the age of 20.

Mental illness can take many forms however, with depression and anxiety considered the most common. It is estimated that half of all people with these issues will never seek help.

As the stigma around mental illness begins to lift however, it is now hoped that more people will be prepared to speak openly about their challenges - allowing work to start on combating the problems.

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