UAE tops number of JCI accredited hospitals and labs


Fraser Clarke

The United Arab Emirates has topped a global report ranking countries by the number of Joint Comission International (JCI) accredited facilities for a fourth year in a row, in what is a glowing testament to the standard of healthcare on offer in the country.

A total of 178 hospitals, medical centres and clinics across the seven Emirates held the prestigious accreditation, which aims ‘to promote rigorous standards of care and to provide solutions for achieving peak performance’. That represents remarkable progress over the last 17 years, with just one facility (The American Hospital, Dubai) holding the accreditation at the turn of the millennium.

Further to this, the UAE also lead the world in the number of JCI accredited laboratories and approved specialist centres on offer - proving that the quality of medical infrastructure in the country runs well beyond purely patient driven services.

Speaking at the International Society for Quality in Healthcare Awards in London where the figures were published, the UAE’s Minister of Health and Prevention, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, said: “This achievement represents a global recognition of the high capabilities of the UAE’s health-care system and its comprehensive and high quality medical services.”

Al Owais did point out the country’s goals remain to improve these already impressive figures by 2021. He continued: “The directives of the UAE’s wise leadership is for all hospitals and medical centres to receive international quality accreditation certificates by 2021.”

Whilst the oil-driven economy in the United Arab Emirates may have slowed in recent times, the country remains committed to leading the world in healthcare. If a move to the country is something which you believe would enhance your career, register on our website today. A dream move may be closer than you might imagine.

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