The Far East for 2018


Fraser Clarke

As we begin to reach winter here in the UK, and as the sun begins to set on 2017, now is the time that many people start putting the foundations in place for a move overseas in the new year.

Whether you are looking at the Gulf or Canada, Australasia or the Far East, it can be a daunting time - and decision. Lately we’ve started to notice a trend whereby a lot of candidates are looking to the Far East for their next move, especially amongst those looking for a change from the Gulf.

To try and help you decide whether or not the region could be right for you, we’ve taken a look at five of the main reasons behind the area’s spike in interest.

1 - Strong Economic Foundations

Whilst economies elsewhere in the world start to slow, Asia’s continues to grow at an exponential rate. The term ‘Asian Tiger’ was originally given to the region’s newly industrialised locations of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan many years ago. Now however it stretches throughout the region, with Vietnam the latest location to be home to this according to research from ‘The Economist’.

This makes a move to the country a very secure one indeed. Unlike the Gulf, the region is not impacted by the oil price drop, whilst manufacturing, tourism and financial services are all industries which are continuing to grow and thrive. This means that both homegrown and foreign investment in the healthcare sector has rarely been higher.

If you’re looking for a stable and secure place to call home then the Far East can be ideal.

2 - A Unique Cultural Experience

Whilst many of the locations we deal with have been morphed by Western immigration, the Far East remains relatively traditional - ensuring that everyone moving there gets a genuine Asian experience.

Whether it’s traditional food, historical sites or more modern metropolis that you’re looking for, the region has it all. China is perhaps the best example of this, you can find yourself exploring the vast streets of Beijing, Macau or Shanghai one week, before spending the next in the stunning rural setting of Anhui Province. A world away from the skyscrapers and bustling streets.

If you’re looking for a total change in lifestyle, or simply want to experience a unique culture, the Far East could be ideal.

3 - Become an Influencer

With investment and development in the Far East’s healthcare sector remaining relatively recent, the region offers experienced medics a great opportunity to work with young doctors, and new developers.

Take, for example, the roles we have available in Beijing at the moment, which are open to experienced medics. These can give potential candidates the opportunity to have a real say in the future of Chinese healthcare.

Whilst investment has been massive many hospitals remain in their infancy, meaning that management will often seek the advice of senior physicians when making decisions. Your experience working in Western hospitals can also be invaluable to young medics, making the job an extremely rewarding and fulfilling one for experienced professionals who enjoy passing on their skills.

4 - High Quality of Education

With experienced medics being sought throughout the region many people will plan on bringing their families with them. Disrupting their children’s education though, or holding doubts about the standard of teaching on offer in a potential new location, can put many people off a move altogether however.

Fortunately the standard of international schools on offer in the Far East is extremely high. Vietnam is home to some high quality international schools, teaching French, American and British curriculums - with well trained international teachers, whilst both China and Singapore are also home to some high quality private facilities.

It is worth researching this area in advance however, as often the best schools can have lengthy waiting lists, so applying for a place prior to a move would be advisable.

5 - World Class New Facilities

People are often staggered by the scale of recent investment in the region, with modern medical facilities being opened with no expense spared on an almost weekly basis.

Singapore is currently home to the most development healthcare system in the region (and potentially even the world). Stunning modern facilities host some of the most cutting-edge equipment on offer in the world. China and Vietnam are following close behind however, with recent foreign investment partnering with local power to produce some incredible private (and public) hospitals.

If you feared that a move to the Far East would be a step back technologically then don’t. The region leads the way in terms of medical technology, and only looks set to expand this area in the near future.

If a move to the Far East in ‘18 is something that would interest you, register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.

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