Boost for Brain Cancer Treatment in Australia


Fraser Clarke

Australia’s federal government has unveiled ambitious plans to double the survival rate from Brain Cancer within the next decade.

Under the scheme, which was officially unveiled on Saturday (28/10), AU$100m will be poured into a fund aimed at revolutionising the techniques used to find a cure for the condition.

This cash injection will come from separate bodies, with the Government investing $50m, the Brain Cancer Foundation $20m, The Minderoon Foundation $10m and another, still to be announced group, bringing the total up to $100m with a further $20m investment.

Speaking to ABC.AU, chief executive of the Cure Brain Cancer foundation, Michelle Stewart, said: “This is more funding than brain cancer has ever received in Australia. It makes a massive difference in the new activities that can be started up, but also in terms of providing a spotlight for brain cancer."

Stewart’s positivity was echoed by Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt, who, at the official unveiling of the plans, said: “Now is the moment when we have the opportunity with the new targeted therapies and immunotherapies, with the new proton beam therapy and other treatments, where we can have a real breakthrough in brain cancer.

“We want to make sure that every Australian with a diagnosis of brain cancer, has access to clinical trials here in Australia, which gives them the opportunity to access the best treatments. and the best medicine, at the earliest possible time”.

Hunt went on to cite recent improvements in the treatment of Leukemia as the reason behind his optimism for the plans. The country is now hoping that investing the money in clinical trials and research partnerships will see the death rate from the condition half by 2027.

Australia is a country that has been attracting medics seeking a change from the NHS for many years. Now, however, we’re noticing an increasing trend in the number of medics looking at moving to the country from the Gulf region.

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