Australia's Most Sought After Medical Specialities


Fraser Clarke

Moving abroad can be a dream for many medics, however some locations will be a non-starter due to the lack of demand for professionals working in your speciality. This isn't usually the case in Australia however, where medics in a wide range of disciplines are commonly sought after.

Opportunities in some fields are, of course, more widespread than others however. So we’ve taken a look at five of the most in demand specialties in the country at this moment in time.

5 - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Australia is much like it is in the UK. Techniques and surgical equipment will be almost identical, whilst the department set ups will also be similar.

Geographical factors will likely be the biggest change you’ll notice however, with patients either travelling a large distance for care, or with you being based in a relatively rural location. This can allow you more time to really get to know your patients, whilst also allowing for more flexible annual leave and less of the stress that can come with working in a major hospital.

4 - Emergency Medicine

In an all-action country like Australia, it will come as little surprise that Emergency Medicine Consultants are often in high demand.

With a lifestyle focused on living outdoors, and sport playing a major role in everyday life, treating patients with head injuries, bone breaks and and even more serious traumas is one of the most common tasks for medics in the country.

Life will be similar to how it is at home, though the range of injuries may vary depending on where you are based. Working hours are lower, salaries can be higher and a great work/life balance comes as standard!

3 - Anaesthetists

We’ve noticed an increasing number of positions becoming available for Anaesthetists, especially locum roles. Due to Australia’s location many medics can spend a number of weeks abroad attending seminars as it simply isn’t practical to fly out for a couple of days. This creates openings for Anaesthetists without whom many procedures simply cannot be conducted.

The openings aren’t strictly short term locums either however, with plenty of opportunities arising every year for well trained, Western qualified, Anaesthetists to take their skills down under.

2 - Psychiatry

Perhaps the fastest growing medical speciality in the country, if not the world. Australia and near neighbour New Zealand are facing a massive battle with mental health, and so the demand for psychiatric specialists in the country has never been higher.

Vacancies are opening up all the time for consultants, with subspecialty roles for those specialising in geriatric, child and adolescent and other areas like addiction support also rising in demand.

If you’re a psychiatrist looking to take your skills overseas, then there are few locations where you are needed more urgently than Australia.

1 - GPs

For many years there has been a strong demand for general practitioners in Australia, and that still remains the case - with the country being chosen by hundreds of GPs seeking an escape from the faltering NHS.

Life for a GP in Australia is, for most people, far more enjoyable and productive than it is in the UK. Working hours are shorter, facilities are well staffed and you will have longer to spend with each patient in order to fully understand their needs.

That is before we mention the far healthier work/life balance that Australian employers insist on maintaining for their employees, and the lack of bureaucracy which causes so many GPs so much frustration back home.

Australia is a location which has been attracting skilled migration for hundreds of years.  The country has a great deal to offer - especially for those looking to set up more permanent roots, and with a great range of roles currently on offer in Western Australia, now could be the perfect time for a move.

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