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Fraser Clarke

Fake Psychiatrist Jailed

A 56 year old man who worked as a psychiatrist in Waikato, New Zealand, for six months using forged documentation has been sentenced to more than four years in prison for his fraud, whilst he will be deported back to India at the end of his custodial sentence.

Earlier this year we reported on the case of Mohamed Siddiqui who managed to deceive the the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the NZ Medical Council, Waikato District Health Board and an Australian recruitment firm with his scheme which, according to the ruling judge, Justice Glen Marshall, showed: "a high level of pre-meditation and deceit."

Siddiqui was originally meant to be sentenced in June for the offence, having first been caught in July 2015, however sentencing was adjourned when he applied to have his guilty plea vacated. He followed this up by claiming that his lawyer had previously told the court that he was a liar, and that the Judge dealing with the case was biased.

These claims were declined, with Justice Marshall commenting that Siddiqui was "creating hurdle after hurdle to delay the case".

The story of Mohamed Siddiqui’s fraud is a terrifying one, however it is also not unique. Shyam Acharya also fraudulently passed off documentation belonging to someone else as his own, and worked for eleven years in a range of junior positions in Australia before being caught. Having been discovered he fled his $800,000 home and is believed to be back in India.

These cases highlight why we ask our candidates for such a great amount of documentation to prove their credentials when they register with us. If we didn’t then it would be simple for another Siddiqui or Acharya to come along, and potentially endanger patients’ lives.

Preventable Illnesses Forcing Australians to Spend 2.4m Days in Hospital Beds

A new report using data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has identified the burden placed on healthcare in the country by preventable health issues - with a staggering 2,398,037 days taken up by people suffering from preventable conditions in hospital beds between 2015 and 2016.

According to the report Kidney and Urinary Tract infections were the most common conditions, followed by COPD and dental issues. This has lead to Aussies being encouraged to use their health insurance to detect these conditions at an early stage, where they will be easier to treat and manage.

Speaking about the report, HCF Medical Director Dr Andrew Cottrill, said: "Preventable hospitalisations put extra strain on the health care system. That’s why we’re focused on helping our members stay healthy through a number of programs such as Victor Chang heart checks, to identify opportunities for early intervention, and free annual dental checks to ensure good long-term oral health."

Whilst a spokesman for NIB Health Insurance added: "We know that in Australia there are approximately 700,000 avoidable hospital admissions every year. That’s why we offer additional services such as our chronic disease management program to help our customers manage their health and wellbeing, to eliminate potentially avoidable and costly hospital and acute care episodes."

Chinese Middle Class Favouring Health Over Wealth

A survey of wealthy Chinese families conducted by the Hurun Report and the Shenzhen Catic Wellness Group has shown that those with assets worth in excess of £1m (¥10m) are spending more than ever on their health.

According to the report families are now spending an average of ¥14,000 monthly on their health and well-being, with this expenditure ranging from gym memberships and sports equipment to medical check-ups and procedures.

Two-thirds of those who responded to the survey spend between ¥10,000 and ¥30,000 solely on their fitness each year, with 75% saying that exercise is one of the most important health considerations in their life.

What the study also found however is that an increasing number of Chinese people are opting to go overseas for health check-ups - mainly to The USA, Japan, Germany and South Korea. This highlights just how much potential there is for growth in the Chinese private healthcare sector, especially as the country’s middle class continues to grow.

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