Complex Surgical Problems in Dubai


Fraser Clarke

Medics removed an enormous 17.5kg tumour from a female patient’s abdomen at Latifa Hospital in Dubai, believed to be the biggest ever removed in the hospital’s 31 year history.

The patient, an Emirati woman in her 40s, was brought in to the hospital on Friday suffering from severe abdominal pains when the discovery was made. After three hours in surgery under an anesthetic the tumour was successfully removed, saving the woman’s life, and allowing her to start living normally once again.

Speaking to Dubai based Al Bayan newspaper head of the obstetrics and gynaecology department, Dr Amal Al Qedrah outlined the difficulties of the procedure.

She said: “The patient’s pulse was very high, and her haemoglobin decreased to seven. A team of doctors therefore decided to immediately carry out the operation, and after gaining approval from family members, removed the uterus and ovaries as well.

“The swelling of the tumour jeopardised the health of the patient and almost killed her. The complications put pressure on various functions of the body, especially the lungs, which made breathing very difficult”, she continued.

Opened in 1983 originally as Al Wasl Hospital, Latifa Hospital is one of the leading facilities at working specifically with women and children in the United Arab Emirates. As with much of the rest of the country it offers a Western standard of care, and an international team of medics.

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