Saudi - No more expat Dentists


Fraser Clarke

Saudi Arabia has stopped recruiting dentists from overseas, focusing on Saudi jobs for Saudi workers it was announced on Tuesday (10/5).

The announcement, which was made at a joint meeting between the Kingdom’s Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Health, comes after it was revealed that more Saudi dentists and Dental School graduates are out of work than ever before.

That’s not all, those who do find work often have to take up lower paid private sector roles. According to ‘Arab News’, salaries in the Public sector range from 16-18,000SR (£3300 - £3700) for graduates, whilst at private facilities this figure plummets to between 5-8000SR (£1000- £1600) each month for the same roles.

After sustained pressure from groups of young dentists - which included one burning his certificate in front of the Civil Service Ministry building in Hafr Al-Batin last year - the Government has finally given in.

Whilst this can put an end (for the time being at least) to any Western trained dentist’s aspirations of a move to the Kingdom, there are plenty of other locations in the Middle East still looking for Western dentists.

The job market in the UAE may have slowed slightly in recent months, however it remains the region’s biggest employer. Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and (recently) Oman also still have roles on offer, with patience being the key to securing the ideal one for you.

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