Would you trust a Robo Doc?


Fraser Clarke

The number of people willing to undergo fully robotic surgery looks to have risen, with a new poll showing that as many as ¾ of people would not be against being operated on by a robot.

11,000 people from 12 countries were spoken to in the survey, with the United Arab Emirates - one of the world’s leaders in robotic surgical advancements - coming out as one of the more sceptical countries when it came to being operated on by a robot.

The survey found that 50% of those asked from the UAE would be open to a robot performing a minor procedure on them, with this some way short of the 73% survey average. This figure further reduced slightly when it related to major surgery, with just 44% of those residing in the Emirates supporting the idea.

Robo-Docs (as we have decided to name them...) are a controversial business, however Dr Tim Wilson, health consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, believes that they are the future of healthcare. Speaking at the release of the survey Dr Cooper said: "Whether we like it or not, AI and robotics are the future of healthcare, and the Middle East is poised to take advantage, we would like to see the Middle East invest and become a global centre of excellence, and a place that other countries look to for healthcare innovation, AI and robotics."

Others however argue to the contrary, with executive director of NMC Healthcare in Abu Dhabi, Prasanth Manghat, telling ‘The National’ that: “Humans empathise with humans on pain and suffering, while machines cannot, hence the human angle can never be replaced.”

Like it or not robotic technology looks as if it will play a major part in the future of healthcare worldwide - with the Middle East at the forefront of this growth.

Let us know your views medics, do you believe that ‘Robo-Docs’ will help to advance care, or are they dangerous and could they, potentially, start to remove the need for human medics? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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