Five Reasons to Work in China


Fraser Clarke

Regular visitors to our website and social media pages may have noticed that we have added a new location to our ever expanding network of countries. China.

China is reported to be the world’s fastest developing country, with stunning buildings appearing in next to no time. According to official statistics 350 new shopping malls were built in the country in 2015 alone - whilst a Starbucks is estimated to open every 18 hours!

If a move to the Far East isn’t something that you have previously considered, then here are five reasons why it could be right for you.

A Unique Experience

China is a country that is truly like no other. Our jobs are currently in the capital, Beijing, an enormous metropolis of more than 21 million people. The city sums up just how unique China is, mixing contemporary skyscrapers with some of the most historically significant structures in the world.

If you are looking to take your career to a country where you will experience a vastly different way of life to anywhere else then China could be the ideal location. The country is so vast that you can visit some of the bustling hubs of Macau, Shanghai and Hong Kong one week, before feeling as if you are on a different planet in the stunning rural beauty of Anhui Province the next.

High Quality Facilities with Investment Planned

The facilities on offer in China still vary greatly throughout the country, however standards are higher than they have ever been before. In rural parts of the country the facilities on offer still require some development, however in the major cities the quality is as high as you would find anywhere.

Chinese healthcare is currently in the middle of its ‘Healthy China 2020’ initiative, where it was made easier for large, private, international companies to invest in healthcare within the country in order to provide a higher number of beds for those who can afford private healthcare, thus alleviating the strain on the public system.

This means that a move now will take you into the heart of this development, allowing you to benefit from some of the most modern equipment and facilities found worldwide.

Future Proof

China is expected by many to become one of the world’s biggest superpowers in years to come. It has the population, the development, the workforce and the wealth meaning that it is likely to become the world’s biggest economy within the next decade.

This makes a move to China futureproof. At the moment the number of people moving to the country from Western locations remains fairly low, however that has already started to change and - as the development continues - the country’s expat population will start to rise noticeably.

A move now will get you ahead of the rest, which leads handily onto the next reason to consider a move.

Career Enhancement

The global medical industry has never been so competitive, and we see that first-hand through the range of high quality CVs that we read every day. What always helps a candidate to stand out however is a unique selling point that they have - and experience working in China certainly counts towards that.

It doesn’t matter where you want your career to take you, having experience working in the unique, competitive and fascinating Chinese healthcare sector will play into your favour. It shows that you aren’t afraid of change, of taking risks and have experience of working in an environment very different to any other.

Opportunity to Influence and Teach

The roles we have available in Beijing at the moment are open to experienced medics, and this gives potential candidates the opportunity to have a real say in the future of Chinese healthcare.

Whilst investment has been massive many hospitals remain in their infancy, meaning that management will often seek the advice of senior physicians when making decisions. Your experience working in Western hospitals can also be invaluable to young medics, making the job an extremely rewarding and fulfilling one for experienced professionals who enjoy passing on their advice.

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