Dubai | DHA License Changes


Fraser Clarke

Our contacts in Dubai have been in touch, to give our candidates notice of a potential issue that could affect any medical professionals looking to move and work in Dubai - especially those looking at starting a locum role soon.

Dubai’s Health Authority (the DHA) which operates the licensing process to work in the Emirate is now insisting that all primary source verifications are complete, prior to a medic starting work. This has resulted in delays with the system, potentially holding up many physicians from starting a role on time.

Primary source verification is where the medic provides details and copies of educational certificates, work experience, licenses and certificates of good standing to be verified prior to being granted the right to work in the Emirate. This is often completed during employment by those working short-term locums, where start dates can be nearly immediate.

As a result we would urge all medics who are serious about a move to Dubai, especially those looking at locum roles, to complete the DHA’s ‘Dataflow’ prior to applying for a job. Not only will this allow you to start sooner, it could also play a key role in giving you the upper hand when applying for a job in a hugely competitive industry.

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