Odyssey: Our Recruitment Process


Karen Wilson

Here at Odyssey we have many features that help us to stand out from the crowd. In little over a decade we have grown into one of the industry’s most trusted recruitment companies thanks to the unique way we do business.

We aim to stand out from the crowd by providing a service which is professional, knowledgeable, punctual and, above all else, personal. We want to get to know our clients, we want to discover what they really want from their careers and we want to ensure that we can help them with, what for many people is, the biggest decision of their life.

Our team has visited many of the facilities we deal with to make sure that they are of a high standard. We have an unrivaled network of contacts - across all specialties - throughout the world who keep in touch with us and let us know what the healthcare market is like throughout each continent.

One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective candidates is how our recruitment process works, so in order to help you to get an understanding of how we work here’s our simple 9 point guide to securing a career enhancing move abroad.

1 - Start by simply registering on our website https://www.odysseyrecruitment.com/ - it takes a matter of minutes!

2 - A member of our experienced and knowledgeable team will review your registration and, if they deem it to be suitable, will call you to speak in depth about your career goals and aims at a time that suits you. This can include finding out more about you personally, as well as your qualifications and specialties, to make sure that we find a job that is the perfect fit.

3 - After this we’ll email you our business terms to read and sign, along with an online application pack.

4 - If a suitable role is available then we will arrange either a face-to-face or video interview. We have offices in both London and Glasgow to meet our clients, however most elect to use video interviewing technology. This is perfect for people who are living far from our offices, and allows us to forge a personal understanding with our candidates.

5 - During the interview one of our recruiters will speak to you in further detail about your career aims, goals and aspirations and the reasons behind your decision to move abroad. He or she will also provide key information about the role you are applying for, such as the hospital name, location and the salary package, as well as other benefits and crucial pieces of information about the local area.

6 - Post interview you will be sent an email summarising what was discussed and, if we discovered a role that you were interested in, confirming that you want to apply for it.

7 - We will then send your CV - and other crucial items of paperwork - to the hospital. Often we will tidy up CVs in order to make sure that they perform as well as possible in your quest to get the job.

8 - Most hospitals will then narrow applications down to between three and five candidates. These candidates may be invited to the hospital - usually if they are currently residing nearby - for a tour and meeting, or they may receive an invitation for an online video meeting with the head of department or medical director.

9 - All being well you will then be offered the role, and will be given a set period of time in which to accept it and complete contractual formalities. Once you have signed the job offer than the process is complete and your move is confirmed. This means that you have secured the job for yourself, and that you must now follow through on the move.

This isn’t an issue for the vast majority of our candidates, however some elect to pull out after signing the job offer - and this can not only damage your reputation with potential employers in the region, but also makes you eligible to pay the costs of the recruitment process.

Here at Odyssey we have an unrivalled network of contacts in some of the best hospitals in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you believe that a move overseas could be the right one for your career then 2017 could be the perfect year to make it a reality.

Remember, the whole process starts with a simple, quick registration on our website!

Start your journey today by registering on our website.