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Register with Odyssey for psychiatry consultant / specialist and junior doctor positions with leading hospitals and clinics across the world. We recruit physicians for locum, permanent and fixed term contracts and can assist you to find a good role in the international mental health sector whatever your goal, be it a long term relocation, short term sabbatical, few months locum or postgraduate training or service role.

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Consultant and Specialist Psychiatrist Roles

Psychiatrist specialist candidates must have specialist postgraduate training and certification in psychiatry from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong or Western Europe and the qualifications accepted are listed below.
We have a strong demand for psychiatrists for permanent roles in New Zealand, Australia and Canada with jobs available in most cities and towns of New Zealand. Employers range from large tertiary hospitals, regional general hospitals and small rural hospitals with less than 50 beds and community mental health teams. Whatever your preferred practice setting, we can assist you to find the right role.

Common Psychiatry Specialist Roles

  1. Adult General Psychiatry
  2. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  3. Old Age Psychiatry
  4. Community Psychiatry
  5. Forensic Psychiatry


Junior Psychiatrist Training and Service Roles

Psychiatrist training positions - house officer and registrar - are accredited for postgraduate specialist training by the Royal College or organisation responsible for overseeing training and examniations in psychiatry in the relevant country. Each job will be accredited for a specified period of time and level of training (rural/ urban/junior/ advanced) and will have structured teaching and supervision. You should register with the appropriate organisation to ensure your training is recognised towards the specialist training and examniations. 

Training positions in psychiatry are available in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Singapore.

Service positions are not approved for postgraduate specialist training but usually provide excellent clinical experience for physicians looking to acquire some skills in a new speciality and they are often an easier means of entry to a country.


Psychiatrist Specialist Qualifications

  1. UK: MRCPsych /FRCPsych and CCT 
  2. Ireland: MCPI and CSD
  3. USA: American Board of Psychiatry
  4. Canada: FRCPC
  5. Australia and New Zealand: FRANZCP
  6. South Africa: FCPsych /MMed
  7. Western Europe: National Board of Psychiatry

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